Monday, 1 September 2014

Me & Mine Project {August 2014}

dear beautiful

This month we have loved:-

* Being altogether during the summer holidays.
* Family days out discovering new, fun places to go and revisiting old, familiar haunts.
* Winning a glamping break in Pembrokeshire and finally getting to go away!
* Moving the rooms around upstairs, giving Meg and Eli a much larger bedroom and Mummy her very own study.

You would think that going away would give us ample opportunities to take a nice family photo, with every smiling and looking happy because we were so relaxed and chilled out...and so on.  And it was in our minds whilst we were glamping, to try and capture us altogether but for some reason, it just didn't click.

We tried so hard to capture a photo on our first day out but ended up with:

The escaping child photo.

The badly thought out photo where I appear to have huge legs and a teeny face, and James is towering over me.  Oh, and the kids look like they wish they were doing anything except having to pose for a picture!

The 'kids will only look if they get to pull silly faces' photo.

Until finally, we were left with grabbing one on our last day.  We had to take it inside the tent as it was chucking it down (hence Meg's sopping wet hair) but I kind of like it.  

Me & Mine is a family photo project hosted on Dear Beautiful.  Head over there to see more gorgeous family photos from this month.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Glamping Weekend in Pembrokeshire: Part Three

I promise this is the last post you will have to endure about our glamping weekend break!  Here are parts one and two if you missed them earlier on this week.

This will be a much shorter post as we basically headed home as soon as we woke up.  The torrential rain and blustery wind arrived in force in the middle of the night meaning that none of us got a good rest and we all looked bleary-eyed and fed up when 6am rolled around.

Added into that was the fact that the rain and wind were still going when we woke up and it made for a very miserable morning.  We tidied up the tent and our belongings whilst the kids got themselves very wet and muddy and then we hopped in the car and headed for home.

It was probably a good job we did as we decided to stick to the motorway even though it was longer to avoid any more car sickness incidents but unfortunately traffic added another 2 hours to our journey...again.

Here are some of the photos taken on our final day.

We had such a good bank holiday weekend, Pembrokeshire is a stunning part of the country and we loved the bell tent.  I hope that we can visit again, perhaps next year and spend a little bit more time exploring the area.  We might even get some nicer weather too!