Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Coats for the Winter Season ǀ Fashion

Now that the nights are drawing in, it is time to go out and buy everyone a new coat. Without a good jacket getting out and continuing to enjoy yourselves is impossible. So, I thought a quick coat fashion piece would be a good idea.

Men’s coats and jackets for 2017
First I am going to start with coats and jackets for men. This year, it looks like the parka is well and truly back in fashion. Parkas look good and are very practical coats. They always have a sturdy hood, so are ideal for wearing to sporting events and for drizzly days. This year, they are available in a big range of different colours and patterns, so there really is no need to buy a boring old green or grey one.

For those men, who are not that keen on parkas, a bomber or Harrington jacket could be a good option. It has been a while since this style of coat was last in fashion, but both these traditional cuts suit most men. This time around the colours are brighter and it is quite easy to buy padded versions that will keep you warm on an autumn day. For the colder months, it will probably be necessary to buy something longer, like an overcoat.

Gilets and fleeces are also worth buying because they are very versatile items of clothing. In the mornings, when it is really cold they can easily be worn under another coat. At lunchtime, when it is warmer, they are ideal for wearing when you slip out of the office to buy a sandwich or run a short errand.

Women´s coats for 2017
Parkas, bombers and Harringtons are also available for women, as well as plenty of more feminine cuts. Military style coats are set to be especially popular. They look just as good with jeans as they do when worn over the top of a suit or dress. Plus, they are usually made from wool, which means that they are extremely warm. 

In addition, padded jackets are still widely available. These are particularly good for wearing on the weekends, to walk the dog or go to the park with your children.

Kid´s coats for 2017As usual, most of the kid´s coats that are available are really just scaled down versions of the ones that are available for the adults. However, there are also a few coat trends that relate almost exclusively to the kid´s coat market. For example, packable jackets are widely available in children´s sizes, but quite hard to find for adults. These versatile jackets are ideal for sticking in the boot of the car, so you have them to hand if the weather suddenly turns nasty. Most of them are waterproof, despite being extremely lightweight.

As you can see, there is plenty of choice. So, kitting everyone out with winter coats and jackets that they like should not be hard. If you want more advice about what to look for when buying a winter coat, all you need to do is to click this link.

*This is a collaborative post

Monday, 2 October 2017

A Little of Life Lately ǀ September

Isn't it strange that the last time I sat down to write a round-up for the month was following a family wedding and here I am again!  I think the fact that in between one wedding and the next we had a whole heap of house stuff to deal with is the main reason why I was missing updates for July and August but I didn't want to let the ball drop completely so hopefully I'll be ready for the three remaining months of 2017 (and isn't THAT a scary thought!)

September was a season of new things for us.  Meg and Eli started not only new school years but also a completely new school and I have been so proud of the way they have settled in.  It hasn't been easy but they've both taken it in their stride with only a few kick-backs here and there.

I also got to enjoy a new experience myself with my first ever trip to the States.  I flew entirely solo to Chicago and I won't harp on about it too much, as you can read my full update here but suffice to say I had a blast and I wish I could go back soon.  Maybe even take James and the kids with me this time.

Just before I flew to Chicago we enjoyed a wonderful family day; naturally I vlogged about it which you can find here but it's been absolutely ages since we spent the whole day with just the four of us and no responsibilties and it was such a wonderful time.  Both James and I walked away saying we need to make sure we carve out time like that more often for sure.

I am also on the precipice of starting a new job.  It's an admin and social media role, covering maternity leave so not necessarily permanent but it will give us a boost in income which is very much needed now we have had to re-wire the whole house and will need to get round and redecorate much faster than we had originally planned.  There are holes in pretty much every room in the house so giving ourselves a couple of years just isn't going to be as practical as we first thought.

The biggest thing which happened in September however was the wedding of my sister.  She got married on the 29th, so just squeezing into September and it was such a gorgeous day.  I wish I could share all of the photos and videos I took with you but suffice to say that she was stunning, the venue was beautiful and it was so great to see family and friends and dance the night away.  That's really the last big family event we have for a while now and although I'm looking forward to a quieter month or two, it has also been nice to stay so busy and I'll probably miss the action!

We literally have zero plans for October at the moment however which I have to say, sounds quite nice as it will give us the chance to really start making our new house a home.  We are planning to try and get away to Scotland for a few days in half term but that now falls in November (which seems crazy late) so doesn't really count for this month although we will probably have to invest in all kinds of thermals so we don't freeze over the coming weeks.

And that is it for the round-up.  I'll see you next month!