Wednesday, 13 June 2012

My (only) Euro 2012 Post

Yesterday I was subjected to a very lengthy explanation from my Other Half about why England are going to win Euro 2012.  In case you are all avid football fans, I'll share the wisdom...

Apparently in 1992 Denmark had failed to qualify for the Euros but then out of the blue Yugoslavia was disqualified and all the Danish players were called back from their summer holidays and set to play.  Surprisingly they then went on to win the tournament.  My Other Half's 'logical' conclusion is that Denmark won because there was no pressure.  The players just felt lucky to be there in the first place. 

It therefore follows that for this competition England are going to win because the media haven't been building up our hopes of glory.  People aren't as enthusiastic about our chances and therefore the pressure isn't on the team.  My Other Half feels that, in fact, the whole thing has been completely downplayed.  So, by the laws of reverse psychology (or something) our chances of winning have been massively increased.

On paper, I have very little interest in whether this is likely to happen or not.  Honestly, I'd much much rather be watching rugby.  I simply cannot be doing with all the amateur dramatics.  Come on guys, if you fall down, brush yourselves off and get back up.  There's just no need.  I prefer a game where if a player goes down and stays down it's because they've genuinely been knocked out (not that I enjoy the idea of someone being knocked out, I don't have secret violent tendencies or anything...)

My Other Half however is a huge football fan and is recording all the games.  As a family we will be expected to sit and watch the majority of them with him.  Lucky for him Meg likes to reenact what the players are doing accompanied by lots of shrieks and body rolls and Eli likes to scream and shout with excitement so I get a small sense of enjoyment from that.

Eli getting a closer view of the match

That said, it would be nice to win something.  It's our turn isn't it?  And, despite not being that interested in the ins and outs of the game itself I can't help but feel nervous whenever I watch a match. 

So Roy Hodgson & the England players, if you've taken time out of your busy schedule to read this - catch yourselves on and win this tournament!  Or actually just in case my Other Half is onto something - you've no chance so just give up thinking you might win...ok? 


  1. Do you know - I am sooo glad that my OH is NOT a football fan. I do't think I could stand it...

    1. Oh you're one of the lucky ones...this will be my life for the next however many weeks :o(

  2. Has your OH claimed that Eli really needs the 2012 sticker book? I know my eldest is 4, but really it is for my hubbie - you should have seen his face when big man stuck a player upside down....

    1. Haha no way! I just told my OH and he looked thoughtful...oops!!

    2. Oh dear - this is clearly a time when blogging comments should be kept to yourself!


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