Saturday, 7 July 2012

Let's Play: Olympic Crafts

Olympic Rings

What you need:
- White card
- A bowl
- A slightly smaller bowl
- Olympic coloured paints

What you need to do:
- Draw round the larger bowl on the white card to make the outside of the circle.  Then draw round the smaller bowl to make the inside part of the circle.

- Let your toddler paint the rings before cutting out - this means they can go out of the lines as much as they need to and it doesn't matter!

- Cut out the rings.  

- In order to link the rings you will need to cut some of them and then stick them back together.  I started with the blue ring which I left intact.  I snipped the yellow, fed it through the blue ring and then glued it back together.  I then repeated this for the remaining rings.

Olympic Torch

What you need:
- White card
- Tinfoil
- Orange, red and yellow tissue paper
- Plastic or paper cup

What you need to do:
- Roll the white card up and stick to form a cone shape.

- Wrap the cone in tin foil.

- Tear the tissue paper into strips and stick in your plastic/paper cup.

- Place the cup in the top of the cone and let your little winner pose!

Olympic Hurdles

What you need:
Toilet paper rolls

What you need to do:
- Paint your toilet paper rolls.

- When dry stick together to form hurdle shapes.

- Jump away!

We hope you have lots of fun with these Olympic Craft ideas.

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