Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Magpie Meg (Mischevious Mondays)

Last week I wrote about Eli's climbing antics for Middle Man's Mischevious Monday and whilst pondering over which of his little misdemeanours to include this week Meg came into the room, put her hand in her pocket and pulled out a toy which didn't belong to us.  I asked her where she got it from and she just shrugged and said "I put it in my pocket"....yes, Mummy could see that!

Meg has always had hoarding tendencies.  We've called her our little magpie since she was a baby as anything sparkly and shiny grabs her attention and the second she gets her hands on it, it becomes hers!

It's an acknowledged fact that my Other Half's t-shirt drawer is her favourite hiding place.  Currently residing in there are her tinkerbell keys, my ring and a glittery sticker from her Easter bonnet.  There's no point taking the things out as she'll replace them soon enough with new trinkets.

Possibly the biggest steal she's ever made were my wedding and engagement rings.  She took off with them one day and it was over eight(!!) months before we found them again, and then only by happenchance as we were replacing our media unit and as we took it apart my rings appeared!

So I thought I'd share with you Meg's pocket collection from last week.  These were all things that I discovered prior to putting her trousers into the washing machine, some of them are ours and some of them aren't!

It remains a mystery to me how she managed to fit some of them in her pocket in the first place!

I'm linking this post up with Louise at A Strong Coffee's Mischevious Mondays.


  1. Haha I love this!! I'm especially impressed she managed to fit a magnifying glass in her pocket! Fab post x

  2. Wow I bet you were happy to find your rings. Big man used to put things in his pockets - I had totally forgotten. I used to have to get him to empty his pockets before leaving pre school. Thanks for linking up x

  3. That is so funny, my daughter does exactly the same thing but she puts all of her treasures in a cupboard in the kitchen. Bless them x

  4. Tilly does this too.
    Once we left my friends house to her toddler screaming inconsolably, she couldn't yet talk and we assumed she was overtired - until I got home and realised Madam had the toy they were playing with in her pocket! She knows she shouldn't do it but can't resist - I still have to check her pockets all the time! xx

  5. Wow! Your girl has some skills! Perhaps she could partake in a new series of The Real Hustle? My little dude hasn't taken to this... YET! But I remember my other half telling me when he was about 3 his mum was a cleaner for a big fancy house and he once tried his luck swiping a very expensive pocket watch among other things! Luckily he's dropped that habit now, very anti social ha! x


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