Friday, 10 August 2012

Pretty Little Things: Beautiful Bags

I was so pleased to be a joint winner of last week's Pretty Little Things.  I will display my badge with pride:


This week's theme is Beautiful Bags.  I'm actually not one for expensive bags, I prefer practicality over price but I knew instantly which bag I'd want to show off.

This was the most expensive bag I've ever owned (before we had to upgrade) and yes, it's a changing bag!  I'm quite pleased actually that we've been able to go back to using it now we don't have to carry around quite so many things for Eli.

I suppose this photo has been taken somewhat 'ironically' - as much as I love the bag I'm not sure my Other Half has ever gotten the hang of being labelled a Yummy Mummy!

You can see more of this week's entries over at Hollybobb's blog.


  1. Haha lovely bag but your other half doesn't look impressed as my man wasn't when I had a hot pink one!! x

    1. Haha no it's not his favourite bag to carry round! A hot pink changing bag, might have to get one of those :)


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