Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Sparkle (See it, Snap it, Love it)

Whilst on a visit to Tutbury Castle, Meg noticed a face painting stand.  Lots of little girls were becoming beautiful butterflies and the boys scary lions or cheeky pirates.

We queued for a while with Meg chattering on about how beautiful Snow White had been.  This made me fairly certain she'd ask to be a princess.

When it was our turn she sat in the chair, beamed at the man and said "I want to be a fish.  A green one.  And sparkly too."  

Bless him he did his best!

Mummy on the other hand was washing blue face paint off items for the next week!

I'm linking up with Dear Beautiful Boy's 'See it Snap it Love it'.  Do go and have a look at the other Sparkle photos!


  1. Ha ha, bless her. Lovely fishy fac painting. That's the trouble I have discovered with face paint too.

    Herding Cats

    1. Thank you :) She's had it done a couple of times and I've never yet convinced her to have something 'normal' like a butterfly!


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