Friday, 14 September 2012

Warning: This could happen to your toddler...

So, we're home after three nights camping near to the New Forest in Hampshire. 

I'll post a round up of what we got up to once I've waded through the mountain of washing and post-holiday chaos but I thought I'd share with you my personal highlight of the holiday.

When visiting Peppa Pig World Meg spontaneously started dancing...I assume, due to an excitement overload!

I wonder where she gets her dancing skills from?!?


  1. Love it! Meg is really busting some moves there! We need to go to Peppa pig world again - not sure how the staff work there with the music on loop - must block it out x

    1. I did think that, it was going round my head for the next few days. We loved it there, will definitely be going again!

  2. Oh my goodness how cute is this! She is really grooving!

  3. This is wonderful - smashing dance! My niece went into melt down at in the night garden live - apparently when iggle piggle appeared she broke into sobs like a teenage superfan! xx


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