Saturday, 13 October 2012

I'm off to Blogcamp!

Yes, I am overcoming my stomach-clenching fear of new social situations and coming to Blogcamp Manchester today (it was the promise of cake that swayed me!) 

I am a complete newbie to the blogging scene so if you see me standing alone please come and talk to me...please please please!  I always come across as shy in first meetings but once you get to know me I never shut up...actually, that's probably an incentive not to introduce yourself!

Here I am in case you haven't seen me (yes, that's real terror in my eyes, this was taken this morning)

I'll be the tablet-less, laptop-less person making notes in a good old fashioned notebook :)


  1. You are so brave! I hope it was worth it. I've never had the courage to go, not sure that I ever will or if the OH will agree to me going.....not sure he understands my blogging obsession! Did anyone talk to you?

    1. Thank you, although I didn't feel it at the time! Everyone I spoke to was really friendly but people did move around in groups which was a bit intimidating. I think if you could go to one it would be fab. Have you ever thought about going to Britmums?

  2. Oh bless your heart, it was so great to see you. It gets easier, but as I said yesterday, most people feel the same to a degree. It's easy to be "out there" with a our blogs, but gets from out behind the lap top, and we're all insecure.

    I am nosey. I love to know who people are, and why they blog, and love events to see what the faces are like away from the screen.

    You have a beautiful blog, you just need to get yourself known. I love the title and design, and I am really proud to have known you before you entered into blogland.

    1. Thanks Kylie! I'm glad I overcomed my nerves and went - I know it will make it easier next time!


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