Thursday, 18 October 2012

Play (See it Snap it Love it)

One of my favourite things about children playing is that they will take almost any object and turn it into something that can be played with.  The breadth of their imagination is endless.

The washing up bowl from our toy kitchen is often used as a hat (in preference to the actual dressing up hats we have!), the broom is a magic wand and we all know the age old cardboard box which can become anything a child wishes.

So mummy taking all the cushions off the chairs whilst cleaning was just treated as another opportunity to play and a soft landing area/fort/sea with snapping crocodiles was created!!

I think in this particular photo Meg was sinking in the sand and Eli was meant to be coming to rescue her!

I am linking this post up with Dear Beautiful Boy's 'See it Snap it Love it'.  Pop over there for more entries on 'Play'


  1. So cute. It's so true children can have so much fun with what's on hand if given the opportunity. Loved the photo.

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  2. This is great and I think captures the theme of play perfectly...I mean how much fun are they having? it's great seeing children's imagination at work.

    1. It really is limitless, I love how they don't see the rules and regulations we stick to. They just play!


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