Monday, 5 November 2012

Smile (See it Snap it Love it)

If you get your camera out and ask Meg to smile at the moment you're likely to be met with this kind of face.  She appears to have 'gone off' smiling nicely for the camera!

So I was a bit stumped by this week's theme of 'Smile' for See it Snap it Love it.  But then I remembered that we did manage to snap this gorgeous photo a month or so ago.  I guess I'll have to treasure it until she decides to start smiling nicely again!

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  1. Hehe, she looks like a different child in those two photos. I'm dreading the grimacing for the camera phase, I'll have to take more candid photos when the little guy starts doing it.x

    1. We get a lot of "I don't want my photo taken" at the moment so we have to try and do it on the sly. Sometimes makes for a better photo though doesn't it, as it's more natural x


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