Saturday, 19 January 2013

Project 365: Week Three

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Whoop I've made it to Week Three!  This week I've found myself forgetting to take photos and having to set myself a little reminder.  Fingers crossed I do better next week!

13/365: All ready for a spot of biscuit making in her gorgeous (self chosen) apron!

14/365: Day one of using her reading eggs.  It didn't take too long for her to get the hang of using the mouse which impressed me!

15/365: Making circles with her homemade playdough.

16/365: A bit more of her reading eggs, this time with a little helper looking on.

17/365: Putting my lavender scented robin to good use (thanks to my sister!)

18/365: Absolutely loved the wonder on Eli's face when we came out of nursery on Friday and he saw the snow for the first time.  Here he's trying to catch a snowflake!

19/365: Ready for a spot of sledging with Grandad.


  1. its great when they come across new experiences like snow, and I hope grandad had lots of fun

  2. Ah, looks like you have had a really fun week. It's amazing how quickly they pick up technology isn't it? My two year old can use our tablet and phones so easily!

  3. Gorgeous apron, hope the biscuits were nice! Lavender scented robin, sounds so relaxing!

  4. Gorgeous apron, do you have the homemade play dough recipe?


  5. Lovely apron. Also good to see home made playdough. I used to make it for my boys when they were little..

  6. Reading eggs is brilliant isn't it? The Boy loves that and the Eggy Alphabet app on the iPad.

    Thanks for linking up


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