Saturday, 16 February 2013

Project 365: Week Seven

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I'm getting into the swing of taking a photo every day now.  I love that rather than forgetting and struggling to find one to use I'm finding that I'm taking so many every day it's difficult to choose just one to show!

Another positive is that the kids are becoming more used to having the camera stuck in their faces so don't tense up as much which has resulted in some really lovely natural photos.

41/365: Baking has become almost a weekly ritual in our house and Meg is getting good at doing most of the tasks herself with minimal help.  She's becoming quite the miniature Mary Berry!

42/365: A rare moment of captured affection between Meg and Eli, although he seems to be submitting to it somewhat reluctantly!

43/365: Ready for some pancakes!!

44/365: Meg rocking her Grammy's winter hat.

45/365: Despite the fact that we've already had several inches of snow, Eli was completely fascinated when he noticed it had started snowing outside.  He stood here for the best part of half an hour pointing it out to me!

46/365: A sneaky calorific treat for a Friday evening (I know how to live!)

47/365: ....and relax!


  1. Lovely pics - very food orientated, just up my street! ;-)

  2. as much as a good glass of wine is nice i have to say,i prefer the look of the cream topped hot chocolate!your mini Mary Berry looks quite the part and the pic of the two children having cuddles (almost!) on the sofa is very cute x

  3. Lovely pictures. Very sweet one of your 2 little ones together.

  4. Not sure whether I prefer the hot chocolate or the champers? Think I'll take the hot chocolate at the moment.

    Thanks for linking up.

  5. great pictures, it certainly looked like a busy week! love the snuggling picture :-)

  6. The natural shots are always the best, very sweet picture of them together.

  7. Gorgeous photos! Your children are adorable!! I love the hat photo but the last two photos look heavenly

  8. Loving the glass of wine in bed - how decadent! Your kiddies look so gorgeous in these pics :)

  9. Fab pictures! I'm finding the same, so many to choose from!

  10. The kids kissing is so sweet, and I love the picture of the little one looking out of the window. Very nice!

    Is that hot chocolate with real whipped cream? I would love to have one of those right now!


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