Monday, 25 February 2013

Winter Bugs and a Blog Update...

Over the past two weeks our household has been continually battling snuffles, sneezes, tummy bugs and a seemingly endless list of illnesses!

If it's not me lying on the sofa feeling sorry for myself it's my Other Half struggling to get up and get on with the day.  It's ridiculous!  I know we aren't the only ones either, everyone I speak to at the moment is just getting over something.  I'm convinced it's due to the ever changing weather; one minute it's so mild the flowers are opening and it appears spring is on its way, the next second it's snowing!

As such, something has had to give and it had to be my blog!  This is therefore my covering post to say sorry I haven't commented and read my blog list in a while, sorry if you've emailed me and I haven't responded (unread email count currently 122 *sobs*), sorry if you've asked me something and it has completely slipped my mind to get back to you!!

Yesterday I decided enough was enough as I surveyed the chaos in the house so whilst my Other Half took to bed, I went on a sorting mission and finally got our new playroom set up and ready to go.  Already today I saw the benefit of our new system, toys were easy to find and play with and at the end of the day everything got shoved back into a box and was out of sight.   Aren't the boxes just so pretty!?!

I'm slowly getting back on top of things with my blog too.  Sometimes it can feel so overwhelming but I think I'm beginning to get the handle on what is outstanding.  I've got some great competitions coming up over the next couple of weeks, my World Book Day Blog Hop starts on the 4th March and I'm currently writing some more book reviews to share with you as well as a handful of product reviews.  As long as the rest of the winter germs stay away March is going to be a good month!!

I will keep you all posted, naturally.


  1. Hey Jess,

    I really hope that your family is getting better. We got hit really hard over here. Seems we get over something, and something else gets us.

    Will it ever end?

    Feel better! Good to see you back.

  2. Seems its hard to avoid all these bugs going around! Glad to hear you're back on form. Looking forward to joining the blog hop next week, assuming baby hasn't made an appearance by then!

  3. We've all been the same, hope you're all recovering! X


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