Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Wot so Funee: Nursery Rhymes

Wot So Funee?

We all know that once you become a mummy things like going to the bathroom on your own, in peace, become distant elusive memories until your children are much much older than mine.

Sometimes though, I can catch them out and actually make it to the bathroom and back before they notice I'm gone (usually with the distraction of Peppa Pig or some other pretentious television character)

Yesterday I tried to make one such escape when Meg suddenly came running up the stairs shouting "Mum, Mum, Muuuuuuum!"

Thinking there was some kind of emergency I burst out of the bathroom and collided with Meg in the hallway.

Me: "What's the matter, what's happened?"

Meg: "Mum, I know the Little Miss Muffet song *clears throat* 

Little Miss Muffet, sat on her buffet
Eating her curds and bana...erm her banana porridge...erm *giggles* her curds and porridge!
She saw a small spider who sat down beside her and *long pause*....oh I don't know the rest."

I'm so glad I made the effort for that little performance!


  1. Haha I hope you didn't run out mid wee!

  2. At least it wasn't because she'd let the postman in and needed your signature!

  3. I love reading these snippets of life. You would forget them if they weren't carefully recorded on your blog. Thanks for making me chuckle.


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