Saturday, 9 March 2013

Project 365: Weeks Nine & Ten

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I appear to have gone the other way with my Project 365 photos; I'm remembering to take one a day but then when it comes to posting them up on a Saturday I don't leave myself enough time to do it!  So apologies, but this is two weeks in one again.  I will try harder next week!

55/365: Meg stepping in for Eli and posing using the Toddlebike we've been sent to review.  Our thoughts on this coming soon!

56/365: Action shot of Meg and Eli at soft play. 

57/365: Counting the number of teeth the stone lion has (as you do!)

58/365: One poorly night time visitor.

59/365: Is there a better view in all the world?

60/365: I don't often take pictures of myself and I especially don't often like photos of myself but this was one I took to show OH the dress I wore to work (I don't often wear dresses either!!)  Apart from looking like I've got a dodgy smell under my nose I don't hate this!!

61/365: Enjoying a doughnut after our mad dash around IKEA to change some items I bought last week.  And, if you look closely you can just see the start of the horrible eye infection Meg has been battling all week :(

62/365: Apparently this is Eli's 'thing', find a piece of doll's furniture...climb into it!

63/365: Taking the gang to bed.

64/365: I hope this isn't cheating but when I saw this it really resonated with how I'm feeling at the moment about writing so I took a photo of it!

65/365: My rather large 5 month old puppy trying to pretend he isn't too big to clamber onto my knee for a snooze.

66/365: The worst of the infection has set in.  One very run down and sleepy Meg cuddled up with one little boy completely awestruck by Cars 2 (as though we haven't watched it 100 times already!)

67/365: Hanging out.

68/365: On our walk today, Grandad holding down the fort with Eli and two excitable dogs!!


  1. Ah, I love your dress!
    And I know that it is a shame when they want to come to your bed if they are unwell but don't you Love the snuggles!?

  2. I missed last week but didn't catch up with week 9. Great selection of photographs. Tea and a book in bed = perfect (but so rare). love the shot of you with your dog, you look so relaxed. Sorry to hear bugs hit your house too. So much of it about at the moment.

  3. Sorry you had poorly little people- but they've given you such cute photos...
    Love Eli in the cot!

  4. Lovely bunch of photos :) hope your little one is feeling better and hope your week is as good next week xxx

  5. what a varied 2 weeks of pictures, hope your poorly one is now fully well x

  6. Love the photo taking the dogs and Grandpa out for a walk. Perhaps things are looking up

  7. lovely collection of photos. i really like the indoor play slide one, the doughnut one and even though she is poorly, the pic of your ill little one - she looks so angellic. x

  8. Hope Meg's eye has improved! Some lovely photos of your busy two weeks! I'm sure Grandad enjoyed his walk.

  9. the one sleeping is so cute. My daughters lab insists on sitting on her knee as well

  10. Your little girl looks very inquisitive in the lion photo :)

  11. I love the photo on the slide. She looks so happy.


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