Friday, 24 May 2013

15 things I love...

I happened across Becky from Ar-blog's linky for this by accident but once I'd looked through the other posts linking up I was really keen to join in!

It's such a lovely way to reflect on some of the things we love most in life!

So, here's my list:

1. I love my husband.

2. I love the sloppy open mouthed kisses my children give without warning.

3. I love Jesus.

4. I love that my friends are as silly as me.

5. I love reading, especially snuggled up in bed (this may become a theme...)

6. I love the way Eli chuckles in a deep belly laugh kind of way when he finds something funny.

7. I love Catch A Single Thought and the opportunity it gives me to write and meet new people (and that people actually read it!)

8. I love silly family times.

9. I love lazing about in the garden in the sunshine

10. I love the sound of rain whilst I'm snuggled up in bed.

11. I love a cup of tea made in a teapot.

12. I love notebooks and pretty stationery.

13. I love anything that looks shabby chic. 

14. I love going for long walks in the countryside.

15. I love travelling and exploring historical places.


  1. I love all those things and I especially love my bed!! Love that teapot too :)

    1. Thank you :) My OH doesn't drink tea so I only ever really use a teapot once in a while, it's so nice though!

  2. What a lovely happy read ......I love the writing on your photos, did you use pic monkey to
    Do it? X

  3. Lots of your loves are mine too! I follow Holly Gerth's blog - do you? My friend is reading that book and said it's amazing. I am loving your teapot and your gorgeous bedspread :)


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