Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Wot So Funee: The Art of Lying

Wot So Funee?

I posted a Wot So Funee back in November about Meg needing to work on her lying skills.  She obviously took it to heart as the past couple of weeks have seen her telling great BIG lies.  The funny thing is, she has no idea there's anything wrong with it.  She wants her answer to be the correct one and she doesn't see any problem with making it so.

Take last week as an example; she has this disgusting habit (picked up from nursery I'm convinced!) of using her t-shirt to wipe her nose/mouth/fingers etc and I'm always telling her not to do it.  One night at the dinner table she had a bright orange mouth one minute, and a totally spotless mouth the next.

Cue me:

"Meg, did you just use your t-shirt to wipe your mouth?"

Meg: "Erm...no."

Me: "Well, what happened to the food that was round your mouth?"

Meg: "I don't know..."

Me: "Meg, if you didn't use your t-shirt to wipe your mouth, then how is it that you haven't got an orange mouth any more?"

Meg, clearly sensing her options are running out, thinks for a few seconds before shrugging her shoulders and saying: "Magic"

I couldn't go any further with the discussion as I was laughing too much.  Apparently if you're ever in a scrape with telling white lies, just look nonchalantly about and put it down to magic.  It will get you off the hook every time!


  1. Hehe ohhh they are so cute even when they're telling lies aren't they?

  2. Hahaha.....how on Earth can you not laugh when they say things like that!? Sometimes being very clever and witty can definitely get you out of trouble - especially if you're cute!

  3. It's just impossible not to laugh when they come out with something this cute.

  4. Classic! How could you even argue with that one. Clever little clogs ;-) x

  5. I'm sure that's a nursery thing! GG does it too. And wipes her fingers on the cloth, sofa, skirt, whatever comes to hand really! I'm calling that Truth Embellishment!

  6. Ah I love it! Magic is a good answer - bright girl :)

  7. He he, magic has a lot to answer for :)

  8. lol, not a lot you can say to that answer! Mih x


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