Thursday, 18 July 2013

Royal Baby Watch... something I am NOT on!!

I think poor Kate has enough people watching her with baited breath.

I was two days overdue with Meg and that was stressful enough; with your first baby you don't always take into account that they won't actually arrive on the date the midwife gives you.  It's written on your plan, you say it enough times, and eventually it becomes stuck in your head and come D-Day, you find yourself standing around expecting a baby to appear any minute.

Unfortunately, it doesn't work like that for everyone!!

I do hope that the Royal Baby arrives soon, just imagining being pregnant in this heat makes my feet swell, but only so that I can stop listening to speculation on what they will be called!

Favourite names for the baby if it's a girl are Alexandra, Charlotte and Elizabeth.  Favourites for a boy are George, James and Edward.  I'm hopeful that they will pick something completely random and not featured on any 'list', but who knows!?!

I've always thought Jessica had a nice ring to it...

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  1. I;m not on Royal baby watch either, I hope she is cooped up somewhere very comfortable with lots of chocolate, snacks and good movies. I can't even begin to imagine how hot she must be feeling, I was BOILING in the freezing cold snow in December!


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