Sunday, 18 August 2013

Love the Blog You Have....Part 2

I was overwhelmed by the number of comments I received on my blog post Love the Blog You Have and the support it got on my social media channels.  It was encouraging to see that so many bloggers agree with what I wrote, how important it is to stay true to the reasons why you began to write in the first place.

One of the comments left on the post, by Caro, really made me stop and think.  She wrote about those bloggers who are fantastic writers and photographers but who somehow fall through the cracks.  They don't get the exposure that some blogs get.

I've been thinking this over since she left the comment, about how we could come together as a community to really support those bloggers.  We all know how amazing it feels when you write a post, pouring your very heart and soul into it, and then you get comments affirming, agreeing, and supporting what you have written.  I still get a tingle when I see that someone has taken the time to not only read what I have put down, but to leave me a little note to say what they thought as well.

How can we make sure that we are sharing the blog love as much as possible?  Not everyone knows about the linkys that are available where you can share your best posts of the week.  These are great tools for finding new blogs but if you don't know they are out there, how could you join in?

This week alone I have found two new blogs which I simply love.  One is very new, and the other is quite a bit older but they are both quality blogs who don't have many followers.

I don't want to suggest a new linky as I think the blogging community is currently overrun with them.  My twitter timeline is forever awash with promotions of people who have joined in with various linkys, and that's okay, I just don't think there is call for any more.

The same goes for newbie showcases.  These are fantastic for getting your name 'out there' but only really apply if your blog is under a year old.  How about people who have been plugging away for longer than that?

I don't know...I'm simply spouting ideas and hoping not to offend the fabulous writers who run those particular linkys!

What I really want is to somehow find a way for us to discover those hidden gems and say hi, yes, you are being read, keep up what you are doing because it's really great.  Let's be honest, I bet there are times for us all when we feel like nobody is engaging with what we are sharing except for maybe family members.  That can be very discouraging and it can be hard to keep going.

So I'm throwing this out there, could we have some kind of showcase where we recommend great blogs we've found?  Or is there something like that already that we can link in with?  Maybe you think it's entirely unnecessary and we should just allow those blogs to keep going without being descended upon by the masses.  After all, something like this will only work if people get behind it.

Any thoughts?


  1. Just this week Love All Blogs has started something where you promote your own favourite post and one by another blogger. That sounds like it could work.

  2. I will have to read your last post. My blog is three months old and the people that take the time to read it love it, but it's catching somebody's attention in the first place. I have more interest from US, Russia, Canada, Italy and France at the mo. It would be nice if more Brits read it! Love your blog design by the way.

    Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

  3. It's lovely to hear that my comment made you think.

    Clearly I don't have any answers! I do think that Linkys often don't work because they are often too big (so many links get overlooked anyway) and perhaps because some people join them hoping for traffic for their own site but without either being able (in terms of time) or willing to reciprocate in visiting and commenting on others' blogs.

    I do think people like to find new blogs, but it's often hard knowing where to start, and just reading a single post isn't always enough. It takes time to read deeper and decide if you really like a person's style and content. Therefore hearing recommendations from people you already like and read is great - "read some things I like" or "read more that I think is like me but isn't actually me". So a showcase where popular or well-known sites recommend a few less well known sites might be a nice thing to help everyone discover new content, and help less well known sites be discovered by more people.

    The bottom line is still loving your blog though, whether you are featured in such a showcase, or whether it brings you more followers!


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