Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Back to Business...

I am back.  I am in one piece.  I am tropical disease free (although I am rocking a dreadful cold thanks to the chilly English weather).  I am all kinds of inspired and exhausted and challenged and drained.  

I have so many notes to work my way through and over 800 photos to filter before I can coherently put together an account of my time in Uganda but I am hoping that it will be before the end of the week, brain-power permitting.

Even now as I sit here and write this, as Meg and Eli practice their exercises on my yoga mat just a few feet away and the dog repeatedly head-butts me in the eternal signal of 'I want a walk', as I ponder what we will eat for dinner which doesn't require too much life just continues, it feels strange to think that this time last week I was in Uganda.  Experiencing so much.  Hearing so much.  Seeing so much.

How will I ever even begin to unravel everything?


  1. Wow. Already can't wait to read more x

  2. This looks so exciting! I'm really excited to hear more about it all, and Send a Cow too, just googled them, what an awesome organisation :) xx

  3. Fantastic pictures Jess... I await the unravelling with bated breath!

  4. Good luck processing it all Jess, you ave some fabulous photos there. The people and colours of Africa are so amazingly easy to capture. Mich x

  5. I am so going to enjoy reading every post all about it x


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