Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Me & Mine Project {April 2014}

dear beautiful

This month we have loved:

* Some amazing family days out, including exploring Blackpool for the first time.
* Celebrating Easter by handing out homemade parcels to unsuspecting people in the village.
* Bug hunting!
* Birthday planning for my Other Half including a football cake made almost 100% by Meg.
* Discovering Modern Family (adults not children) - how did we miss this first time around, it's brilliant!

We took our photos fairly promptly this month which I was quite impressed with, usually I realise about two days before the end of the month and we have to rush around trying to find one we can use.

Okay, it's not perfect but what I'm beginning to learn from this project is that the chances of capturing an everybody is looking, everybody smiling photograph is like gold dust.  I'm learning to settle for the majority of us looking in the right direction!

What have you gotten up to this month?  Hope it's been a fun one!

The Gallery: Happy

Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery

The theme for this week's The Gallery is 'Happy' and having not had a very happy Easter break due to various things (you can read about that more here) I was a bit stumped by the theme.  

I thought about what makes me happy, firstly.  Well, recently it was the discovery that they do really make Big Carl wine glasses (Cougar Town, anyone?!) and on a night out last week with some family for a birthday celebration I was very happy indeed to be drinking glasses of wine which were as big as my head.  Given the reaction of social media, it would make a number of you happy as well!

I know you love my wild WINE eyes.

But, that seemed a bit superficial.  Especially considering I was a bit of a wreck the following day.  Which wasn't so happy.

I ummed and ahhed and in the end, I have decided my signature photo is one which I hope makes you, if not happy, then at least amused.

Especially because the bit that makes me laugh the most is the person who is not smiling in this photo.

It was a beautiful day at the beach and we were having lots of fun building sandcastles with friends.  I love being at the beach; there is something so refreshing about the crisp salt-tanged air, the way your hair gets all knotted from the incessant wind, and of course the indulgence of eating as much ice cream as you want because you are at the beach.  I also love that Meg and Eli love it just as much as I do.  Eli asks every single morning whether we can go to the beach and now the weather is improving I've tried to say yes as often as I can.

On this particular day however, despite all of the above and more, one person just didn't want to smile for a photo.  Didn't want to summon up her inner joy and let it be displayed for all to see on her face.

You might even say she went for a face which directly contradicted the amount of fun we were having.

So a bit of a cheat but I hope my daughter's grumpy face brought you a happy smile!!

Hop on over to the Sticky Finger's blog to see how other people interpreted this week's theme.  Hopefully better than me!

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Soft Play Saturday!

I am a big fan of outdoor play and exploration, joining in many a week with Coombe Mill's 'Country Kids' linky but this last Saturday, I woke with a cracking headache and having a house inspection in the morning (which I hate and avoid at all costs) I naturally decided to take the kids to soft play.

In hindsight, the noise, the warmth of so many bodies, the bright artificial wasn't the best choice for getting rid of my aching head but Meg and Eli certainly made the most of it.

Our closest soft play centre is Jollies Barn and the kids absolutely love it there.  They do a fab meal deal on a Saturday which is £7 for entry as well as lunch (hot food too!).  The centre itself is huge so even though when we arrived and saw that the car park was full, once we were inside it didn't actually seem that busy.

We turned up just after 10am when it opened and didn't leave again until 1pm, 3 hours of running, screaming children was about my limit and to be fair both Meg and Eli looked absolutely shattered.  I had enjoyed some semi-peaceful time reading my book and devouring a bacon cob; the great thing about going to soft play these days is that now Meg and Eli are old enough to go and entertain themselves so I no longer have to look the fool trying to squeeze myself into spaces not designed for an adult!

If you are ever in the vicinity I would recommend going; it is really clean and well looked after and there are some interesting elements which I haven't come across at soft play before such as the thunder and lightning sensory room with real sound effects, which my Other Half thinks is brilliant.

Eli's personal favourite is the Dragon slide (I think that is what it is meant to be), if ever he doesn't appear for a prolonged period of time he is almost guaranteed to be going round and down, round and down.  He never seems to tire of it.

I also think the entrance fees are good.  If we weren't doing a meal deal we would pay £4 for Eli and £5 for Meg during peak times, and for the sheer size of the place I think this is good value for money.

There's a nice little section for the under 2's although you do sometimes see the larger kids taking over (mine included) but to be fair I haven't ever really seen a large number of babies there.  Perhaps they come more mid-week when it's quieter overall.

Although we didn't perhaps get the fresh air which would have helped with my migraine, it was a really chilled out way to spend the best part of Saturday morning.  I didn't even have to make any lunch which really IS a winner in my book!

Plus my Other Half turned up about an hour after we had arrived and was duly dispatched to take some photos for this post so I really didn't have to attempt to scramble around like a monkey.  What's not to like about that?

Disclaimer: I was not asked to write this post, I am simply sharing my opinion of our local soft play centre.  Visit the website if interested for more information.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

The Gallery: Easter

Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery

In light of recent events, this Easter was quite subdued.  We spent the long weekend trying to have some precious family time together and made the conscious decision to not blow the budget on buying Meg and Eli chocolate that would just end up being eaten by us anyway.  They each got an egg from their grandparents and that seemed like enough.

Easter Sunday we went to church, the kids wearing their new 'Easter clothes' (it seems this is a Liverpool tradition I haven't been able to escape) and then we had a lovely roast dinner, just the four of us before heading over to Liverpool for a little Easter egg hunt.

We hid 10 colourful plastic eggs in the garden of my parents in law and that seemed perfectly adequate for Meg and Eli.  The instructions were that they each needed to have five eggs each and so needed to work together before they would be given the extra special prize.

I love it when I see them working as a team; Meg easily found five eggs but Eli needed some help and she was more than happy to give it to him which was very sweet to watch.

It wasn't overly complicated.  It wasn't all that exciting.  But it was more than enough for the two of them and I think that was proven when Meg asked on the way home to 'have a colourful egg hunt every year', I think that's probably something we can accommodate although we may have to get smarter in our hiding of the eggs!

The Funny Things She Said...

I love social media, not only because it allows us to connect with hundreds of like-minded people and all that jazz but because it allows me to record the amusing things my children say and do which might otherwise be confined to the inner most part of my brain and subsequently forgotten about.

I was having a random shufty through my Facebook timeline the other week and came across some statuses which just made me laugh out loud. I have chosen a couple of my favourites, and I hope they raise a smile for you too. They all feature my somewhat, precocious, sorry precious daughter usually doing what she does best:


Tonight at the dinner table:

Meg: *dramatic sigh* 'What is the point of parents?'
Me: 'Well, what do you think the point is?'
Meg: *thinks* 'Well, who else would say to tidy our rooms and when to go to bed?'
Other Half: 'My parents love me.'
Meg: *frowns at OH* 'No, that's not it. I think it's just to tell us rules we don't even like.'

Yes, that's exactly it Meg. Clearly we are winning at parenting.


Meg: 'Tomorrow I want to try orange juice on my cereal instead of milk.'
Me: 'Why on earth would you want to do that?'
Meg: 'Because I go to school now Mum. This is REAL LIFE.'

I have literally no response....


Me: 'Meg, Eli is going for a sleep now is there anything you want out of your room?'
Meg: 'No'
Me: '...because you won't be allowed in there when he's asleep...?'
Meg: "I don't want anything."

*5 minutes after putting Eli to bed*

Meg: 'Can I have the fairy dress out of my dressing up box please?'
Me: 'No Megan because it is in your room and I told you that you wouldn't be able to go in there when Eli was asleep.'
Meg: 'I know I can't go in there but you didn't say YOU couldn't...'

This child is undefeatable!!


Alerted by sounds of crashing:
Me: 'Meg are you throwing toys?'
Meg: 'No'
Me: 'What's all that noise then?'
Meg: "Sorry Mum I can't hear you I'm busy throwing my toys.'

*Goes to inspect playroom*

Me: 'Megan, what has happened in here?!?'
Meg: 'Erm...I was a dinosaur messing up the houses. Then I was a volcano bursting everywhere....*pause* you'd better not come in.'

Yeah, thanks for that advice! #lifewithmegan


Like butter wouldn't melt...

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Day Out: Illuminasia Blackpool

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blackpool, illuminasia #cbias #shop

This weekend we headed up to sunny Blackpool to experience one of their newest attractions; 'Illuminasia', the world's largest indoor illuminations.  I haven't been to Blackpool since I was about seven years old so I was excited to see how it would have changed.

The day before our trip, I visited the Illuminasia website to book tickets.  It was a very straightforward process, you can book online through Ticketmaster or you can buy direct from the box office at the attraction which is located in the Winter Gardens in Blackpool.

#cbias #shop

On Saturday we set off for Blackpool which turned out to be an adventure on its own.  Being Easter weekend, and the weather being so lovely, it seemed as though the whole of the North West had come to Blackpool.  It took us over 45 minutes to navigate our way through the town and find somewhere to park.  I was worried that the attraction was going to be packed but actually once we arrived, we quickly realised that visits are staggered so there's only a certain number of people at any one time.

Before we went through into the exhibition the tour guide handed Meg and Eli a scratch card each which had a number of multiple choice questions.  The answers to each of the questions could be found in the different rooms featured on the tour and if handed in at the end, they would receive a certificate.  

I wasn't sure what to expect from the exhibition, especially when the tour guide started to talk about the first room and how we were about to meet the Chinese emperor.  The kids absolutely soaked it up though and were excited to get in and see what it was all about.  

So, we headed down the colourful corridor and into the first room where we met row upon row of soldiers, all lined up like the terracotta army.  Chinese lanterns hung above our heads and blossom trees stood in the background.  It was breathtaking, especially when you got up close and realised that it was all just fabric and lights.

#cbias #shop

#cbias #shop

We were encouraged to take as many pictures as we liked and once we had finished looking around the first room we gathered at the end, where the tour guide told us a short story about the emperor and taught us how to say 'hello' in Mandarin.  Luckily the kids already knew the answer 'Nǐ hǎo' thanks to the wonders of The Lingo Show!

#cbias #shop

The next room featured the impressive and huge Emperor seated on his throne surrounded by pictures from the Chinese Zodiac and which years the animals represented.  One of the questions on the scratch card related to finding a specific date and Meg really enjoyed walking around the hall trying to find the right answer.  We also enjoyed discovering our own animals using our dates of birth.

#cbias #shop

Once we had passed through the first two rooms, we were left by the tour guide to explore at our own pace.  The remainder of the exhibits followed various themes including space and the ocean as well as having one which featured local landmarks.

#cbias #shop

Heading down the 'shrinking tunnel'

I think the kids particularly enjoyed walking down the shrinking tunnel into the 'land of the giants', which featured lots of familiar creepy crawlies and mini beasts.  I had thought we might be able to convince Meg that we had genuinely been shrunk but she wasn't having any of it and twigged right away that the items in the room were large, and we were just the same size.  She's far too smart for a 4 year old! 

In my personal opinion this was also the best room.  There was so much to see as well as having some interactive features, including a giant moving spider much to the amusement of my two children and the horror of me!

#cbias #shop

#cbias #shop

#cbias #shop

The final part of the exhibition was a live laser show featuring a 'glow-bot' (a dancing illuminated robot) which again, completely transfixed Meg and Eli.  We had joked earlier on about them not sitting still for it, but we were totally wrong and they were fascinated with the show and the movement of the laser lights.

After pictures with the glow-bot and exchanging our scratch cards for certificates we bought some flashing rings from the selection of souvenirs at the end; these were very reasonably priced (surprisingly!) and Meg was thrilled with her certificate.

#cbias #shop

Overall, we thought it was a completely fascinating exhibition.  You can go round as many times as you like once you have bought the tickets and we spent almost two hours wandering through.  Within our tour group there were people of all different ages and they all seemed to enjoy it just as much as we did.  One lady in particular was very enthusiastic and said to me on a number of occasions how amazed she was by the entire thing.  I think that speaks for itself!

I know I must seem over the top about it, but I think it comes from being genuinely surprised.  Other than the first exhibit where we had to persuade Eli not to try and climb the blossom trees, it was ideal for both our children and a great way to pass a couple of hours.

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Collective Bias.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Me & You {April 2014}

dear beautiful

This month I have ummed and ahhed over whether to post anything for the Me & You project.  I felt that to post a picture of myself and my Other Half smiling and looking happy would be completely dishonest because, truthfully, this month has been hard.  This month has pushed me to almost breaking point.  This month has made me question whether my marriage was worth fighting for.

When we stood in the church, six and a half years ago and made our promises in front of beaming family and friends, in front of God, that 'for better or worse' we would stick together, I think we fell into that category of people who don't really believe they will ever see the 'worse' - how could our lives ever go wrong when we are so in love, and so very happy?

Well, this month I have seen the worse.  It is dark and it is ugly and it has been so flipping hard to remember the 'better' side of our marriage.  I can honestly say that were it not for my faith I wouldn't be doing this post at all.  

I am not sharing this to tantalise you into imagining what has happened in my marriage but because I don't want to be false in my sharing.  I can't put an image of us staring lovingly into each other's eyes because that isn't a representation of where we are at right now.  

Instead, I am sharing with you the image of a promise.  A reminder that once upon a time, a girl met a guy and found her best friend.  Fell in love with that best friend and entered into a promise that for better and for worse that she would stand by him.  It's not always easy.  It's not always fun.  I have spent more time this month questioning everything I thought was solid and dependable than ever before but ultimately I am believing in my promise.

When we first got married we often joked about being 'Team Rocket' but this month I have realised more than ever what it means to truly be a team in marriage.  I've chased myself around with words but couldn't do better than this:

Coming together is a beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success.
- Henry Ford

I love my Other Half more than anything in the world, he is my best friend and because of that I have made the decision to walk through this dark place with him.  Trusting that eventually we will step out on the other side, better and stronger.  Because we are a team.

Having read this back, I would like to clarify that neither myself nor the children have been physically hurt.  I am alluding to an emotional issue and something which has occurred between myself and my Other Half.  I am making a deliberate choice to be vague and although I think it may be fairly self explanatory I am happy to talk to anyone who wishes to ask more.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Review & Giveaway: 123 Print UK Business Cards

I was recently given the opportunity to review some business cards from 123 Print UK.  It was my first time creating business cards for my blog so I was very excited at the prospect, if a little nervous; it makes it seem much more official now!

After a quick scout around to see what kind of information I needed to include on my cards,  I visited their website to start the process.  It was very straightforward and although I got a little confused over the different lines and what could and couldn't go outside of them, when I fired off an email asking for some help it was responded to in a really timely manner.  Last year I tried to create some business cards on a different website and had such trouble trying to get my blog header on that I abandoned the process after wasting a couple of hours trying and failing to get it right.  In my head I was expecting this to be the same but it really wasn't, even a designphobe like me managed to get it right!

Once I had got the design as I wanted it, I chose to have my business cards printed on slightly thicker card as I thought this would make them seem more professional and added them to my basket.  

Delivery was very speedy, 123 Print UK offer a 48 hour delivery option or a standard 7 day delivery (which is still pretty quick for a personalised product to be honest!) and I am really impressed with the quality of my business cards.  I initially thought I'd be hesitant about handing them out but I like them so much I have been giving them to everyone I can think of!  The colour is very crisp and clear and I think they look much better than they did on screen.

Overall I think that 123 Print UK offer good value for money and creating the business cards was a simple and quick process which has resulted in a really great product which I am proud of.  I truly am a grown up blogger now!

If you are looking at my beautiful business cards and wishing you had some for yourself then here's some good news; 123 Print UK have offered me 3 sets of 50 personalised business cards to give away.  So 3 lucky people will be able to create cards for their blogs or business.  Just use the rafflecopter below to enter.

UK entrants only please.  The giveaway will end on Tuesday 29 April 2014.  Three winners will be generated at random.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Disclaimer: I was sent the business cards for the purpose of this review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Win competitions at

Friday, 11 April 2014

Book Love: The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult


The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult
Love and war.  Murder and mercy.  Betrayal and forgiveness.  A story that will change everything.

I desperately wanted to read this book after reading the review over on Beth's blog, Plastic Rosaries.  In the review Beth said there was very little that she didn't like and this intrigued me, as one of the last Jodi Picoult books I read was a real let down and I was keen for her to be redeemed.

As a budding historian, one of my favourite times in history is the Great Wars.  It's hard to say that without sounding like a weirdo who enjoys the suffering of other people, it isn't that I just find the whole thing captivating and especially discovering the stories of people who were involved, survivors and those who didn't make it.  I'm the kind of person who insists of visiting war memorials and then stands and cries at the loss of's a strange thing of mine but there you go!

Anyway, this book is about a man called Josef Weber, who has been living for seventy years in America.  He befriends a young girl called Sage Singer, and decides to confess to her his crimes in Germany as an SS Nazi soldier.  Sage's family are Jewish and Josef has specifically picked Sage as he wants her to firstly forgive him, and secondly to help him die as punishment for his crimes.

We have the story from the perspective of Sage, and her shock, revulsion and confusion as Josef begins to reveal his history to her and also the first hand perspective of Josef when he was an SS soldier and some of the things he did.  Later on in the book we also learn the story of Sage's grandmother, a survivor of Auschwitz.

The subject matter is harrowing, but Picoult tells it so well and with such tact.  I loved the way she brought out the different stories and intertwined them.  There is an interesting twist at the end which I'll admit I guessed about three quarters of the way through but it is a fantastically placed twist and makes the story all the more interesting.

The thing I loved the most about this story was that it raises the idea of judging people as a group, because of 'who' they are i.e. the Jews being mistreated by the Nazis, but also the other way around.  Hearing about Josef's story didn't make me sympathetic to what was done, but it was certainly interesting to be reminded that the soldiers were, for the most part, ordinary people with families and lives just the same as everyone else before war began.

I also just couldn't decide what stance Sage should take, should she help Josef end his life or shouldn't she?  It's an interesting dilemma and one which I still couldn't make my mind up about even once Sage had decided herself.  Yes, Josef did evil things but did that give Sage the right to take his life?  I won't say any more than that but it was certainly food for thought.

As with all Picoult books there is a thread of romance in there but that was to be expected and I thought it sat quite nicely, although conveniently, with the development of Sage's character in the story.

I thoroughly loved the book and thought that Jodi Picoult has exceeded herself with this story.  It was captivating, devastating and thought-provoking all rolled into one book.

I would definitely recommend it.

Have you read a good book lately?  Come and link up your review in my April Book Love Linky.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Siblings {April 2014}

dear beautiful

This month I am not enamoured with my photos.  They were taken at the last minute, from the wrong angle (nice feet Eli), Meg did not want to comply, even with the bribe of chocolate buttons thrown in and Eli isn't very well so is rocking a red nose worthy of Rudolph.

I really wanted a portrait style picture of the two of them, looking straight at the camera.  I'd captured some earlier in the month of their backs, which I love, but sometimes it's nice to see a face isn't it?  Anyway, this is the best I have and I suppose it's a fair representation of Meg at the minute...Little Miss Won't Do What She's Told.

I mentioned in my last Siblings post about how the playing dynamic had changed and it's been great to see that continue when they play together but this month I have noticed that their playing styles have started to drift apart.  Meg is about 'creating' something using the pictures on the box, Eli is a little bit more haphazard and I have often come into a room to cries of, 'but it's not to be played with!' - when Meg has set up her little world and Eli has come along and destroyed it by actually wanting to play with the toys!

As ever though, they continue to be joined at the hip when it comes to making mischief in the house and I will often find them hatching a plan to coerce myself and my Other Half to buy them something, or treat them to some ice cream or all the other things which seem so important when you are 4 and 2 years old!

Oh well, at least it sets me a challenge for next month, to get some nicer portrait ones!

I am linking this post up with the Siblings Project over on Dear Beautiful.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Easy Easter Parcels

This year I was inspired to do something different for Easter by a group of ladies I recently met.  We don't know many people in the village but I thought it would be a great opportunity to not only meet some new people but also to bless them as well.  And the idea is just so simple!

The idea is very basic, make or buy some sweet treats, parcel them up and deliver them to friends/neighbours/total strangers.  It's ideal for children to get involved with and you can make it as complex as you like.

To make the parcels you need:-

- Sweet treats (we made cornflake cakes and cupcakes)
- Tissue paper
- Ribbon
- Card

Start by making your sweet treat.  If the children are getting involved cornflake nests work perfectly as they are so easy to do and children of any age can have a go.

Whilst you are waiting for your treats to be ready, cut out a circle shape on your card.  This will form the base of your parcel so you need it to be a fairly decent size.  I drew around a bowl that we had (to give you some idea of size)

Place the base in the centre of your tissue paper and add the sweet treats.

Pull the tissue paper up around the base and scrunch, fasten with ribbon.

Attach a label, which can be as basic or as detailed as you like.  We went with 'Eat Me' on one side and Meg wrote 'Happy Easter' on the reverse.


I told you it was easy :)

I would love to hear if any of my readers decide to bless their neighbours and friends with something similar to this.  Do let me know!


Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Family Fun with Coca Cola

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family, fun, rivers #shop #cbias

Since we have moved to a more rural area, we have been making more of an effort to get out and about, exploring our surroundings.  Anyone with young children will tell you that fresh air is vital if you don't want to hit 'death' hour at 5pm, you know, the hour before Daddy comes home when everyone is climbing the walls and you have to hide in the bathroom in order to retain your sanity...or is that just me?

So when Collective Bias invited me to bring Coca Cola into our family fun, I headed straight for their website to get some inspiration.  Coca Cola have a great section called the 'Work It Out' calculator, where you can select your favourite product and then see how much exercise you need to complete to burn off the calories.  As a fan of diet coke, I didn't need to do anything but had I opted for normal coke, I would have needed to do a 30 minute country walk!

#cbias #shop

30 minutes didn't sound too difficult so we decided to use it as an opportunity to visit the Ribble Estuary which is located just around the corner from where we now live.  The Ribble is one of the largest estuaries in the UK and is one of the most important as it is a protected site for overwintering sea birds.  This makes it a great place to do some bird and wildlife spotting and if you time it right, you can capture great clouds of birds taking off and landing which is just amazing to see.

So, the first stop for our fun filled weekend was to head over to Asda to shop for supplies.  I wanted to make a delicious home cooked meal which I felt sure would be needed after our outdoor adventures and whilst there I also stocked up on some drinks, including a couple of bottles of diet coke.

cocacola #shop #cbias

Supplies bought, we headed out to do some exploring.  The thing I am learning about children is that they really don't need much guidance to get stuck in.  In the case of Meg, part of getting stuck in meant falling headfirst into a patch of nettles but she was giving it a good go!  

ribble estuary #shop #cbias

My Other Half fancies himself something of an expert on the environment and delighted in the opportunity to teach the kids about river types and the surrounding wildlife.  We spotted a number of different birds including the Mallard and I believe the Grey Plover as well although Eli delighted in telling us all that the footprints we discovered actually belonged to dinosaurs.

#shop #cbias

#shop #cbias
Can you spot the dinosaur prints?!

The Ribble Estuary is an absolutely beautiful place to walk, if you can ignore the houses on the one side of it!  The sun was just setting as we explored and it provided a very atmospheric feel to our walk.  Being close to the Ribble River and Estuary was the other inspiration for this post.  One of Coca Cola's recent environmental projects sees them working with WWF-UK for three years to protect and replenish some of the rivers in the UK.  Whilst the Ribble River isn't affected directly, it is projects like this which raise awareness and remind people how important our environment is.  If the Ribble Estuary were to dry out, it would have serious consequences for some of England's wildlife.  Having been there now, and seen for myself how wonderful the area is for birds I can certainly agree that steps need to be taken to protect it.

#shop #cbias

We spent about an hour walking up and down, seeing what we could find, which was plenty long enough for children aged 2 and 4, before heading home.

#shop #cbias

Once home, we tucked in to our dinner.  Fresh air always puts me in mind for some comfort food so I'm glad I had opted to make sausage casserole with homemade yorkshire puddings.  It was my first time doing this and although I managed to somehow grow lots of little tiny yorkshire puddings on the bottom of our oven, they were quite tasty.  I'm not sure my Other Half would agree as he was left with the job of cleaning them up!  

#shop #cbias

After dinner we had a quick outfit change into our pyjamas, and whilst we drank some yummy hot chocolate we watched our current favourite DVD, 'Frozen'.

#shop #cbias

I absolutely love family time like this, exploring together, laughing together, eating together and, my personal favourite, snuggling together at the end of a long day.  It's definitely something we should do more often.

How do you like to spend time together as a family?

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Collective Bias.