Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Valentine's Day For Him With Debenhams

So yesterday I shared some of the items I would like for Valentine's Day if money were no object so I thought it was only fair that I also share what I'd buy for James if I wasn't limited by a tight budget.  This is also my entry for this blogger competition.  Go check it out.

It is safe to say that James and I have very different tastes but I've tried to stick to things I think he would like, rather than the things I would personally choose for him.

The chinos and shirt combination would be a smart-casual option and I just love the Fred Perry sailing jacket.  James' idea of a treat is cheese and wine so the hamper would be the perfect choice to spoil him with and I love the scent of Viktor & Rolf products so it's a no brainer with that really!  

I'd pair the navy shirt with the chinos if it were my choice but James only wears clothes from a select colour palette so I had to feature something grey as well.  I think the watch is just stunning and I know he's keen to get a new, high-quality watch which I may have mentioned before.

I have to say that if he had this lot to open on February 14th, I think he'd be one very happy chap!

Cheese and Wine Tray

What do you think of my choices?


  1. They are lovely, especially the watch! Luke is getting nothing this year :/

  2. I haven't got James anything either, other than this list. Maybe he could stare at it and pretend lol


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