Friday, 31 July 2015

Me & Mine {July}

This is just a quick Me & Mine as I shouldn't really be near the laptop.  We are all loving being on holiday and although the weather has been a bit hit and miss and I'm not sure I would advocate setting off on holiday the same day as school finishes, we've had a great time so far and I really wish that we could slow time down so that we didn't seem to be edging so close to the end of our time together here.

As you might expect we have taken many, many photos but here is just one of us altogether, enjoying our family holiday.

dear beautiful


  1. Lovely relaxed happy family shot. Hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday! :-)

  2. Gorgeous pic, Jess... Looking forward to the rest of the holiday spam!

  3. What a gorgesous family capture and I love this one even if it's really quick, it's beautiful. I am so glad you are having such a great time on holiday with your little ones. Enjoy being away from the laptop and have a lovely weekend hun. #meandmine


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