Wednesday, 8 June 2016

A Foray into Bullet Journaling

Over recent months I've heard and seen quite a number of people talking about 'bullet journaling' with very little understanding of what they were discussing.  It was only when people started directly recommending it to me that I began my first foray into the world.  And oh my goodness, what a world!

For someone who already has a extensive stationery addiction, I had well and truly fallen down the rabbit hole.  Not only was it an excuse to buy a new notebook, washi tape and pretty pens but it also opened up a whole world of creative possibilities.

I spent hours watching instructional YouTube videos on the best methods and styling options, hours researching the two different types of notebooks recommended and even more hours practising sketches for when I finally took the plunge and began my own.

The whole idea of the bullet journal is not just to have something attractive to look at day in and day out but to plan and plot out, accurately, the things you have to do on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.  You can pretty much customise your journal so that it reflects the way you need to plan out your 'to do's' any way you want but the concept remains the same; it should make you much more productive.

Initially I was dubious about this; I seemed to spend a great deal of time decorating my pages and not so much time actually getting the tasks done but after a few days I soon got into the swing of things.  If you check out my latest YouTube video, I go into my own choices for bullet journaling in a little more detail but suffice to say it has made me much more proactive.  It has also made me much more aware of how many tasks I'm trying to squeeze into each day, which in turn has made me realise that I end each day with a stack of stuff still left to do because I'm trying to do too much.  

Obviously it is still early days for my journal and although I'm enjoying the mix of getting to make things pretty with writing a daily to-do list I'm going to try and be in this for the long haul and will hopefully not lose interest or just start scribbling randomly rather than constructively.  It helps, of course, that there are plenty of gorgeous Instagram accounts and YouTube videos to keep me inspired.

But only time will tell!


  1. I bullet journey, but nothing like you. No washi, no pretties, just practical! Yours looks so beautiful

  2. rebecca beesley13 June 2016 at 23:32

    what a great concept - certainly prettier than my tatty post it notes and scraps of paper i scribble on with each days plans. x

  3. I have the same thought as you, so much time spent designing and filling and not enough time spent doing! I really don't think I'd keep it up but I do love how pretty it looks! well done for keeping at it!

  4. It certainly looks very pretty. My diary is a big scrawly mess but I couldn't live without it!!

  5. It looks awesome! I keep seeing these and wondering if to start one or not! x

  6. It all looks so pretty, not sure I have the time.......


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