About Us

We are a young, fun loving family who live near to the seaside in the North West of England.  

Our favourite activities as a family include dancing, travelling, not posing for photographs, and finding adventure in every day life.

Read on for a little bio about each of us:-

I'm Jess, head writer at Catch A Single Thought.  I started blogging in April 2012 after I found myself sitting in the lounge one morning at 6am, the only person up, cup of tea in hand (naturally) with a million thoughts and opinions buzzing round my head.

When I'm not blogging, I can be found with my head stuck in a book and I'm also a habitual daydreamer and could talk for hours about my grand plans for the future - we have always wanted to travel and we try to do this whenever possible, even if it's just to explore local days out.

Day to day I make my pennies with my freelance writing business, Jess McGlynn Writes... and I recently released my first book 'Secrets of the River' which is available on Amazon.

We currently live in Southport and love the beach life.  Just check out my Instagram feed and you'll soon see what I mean.


You can follow me @jjmcglynn on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.  You can email me at catchasinglethought at gmail dot com.

Meg, 7 years old (born 2009)

Meg loves:-

* Dancing
* The colour pink
* Things which sparkle
* The colour pink
* Reading
* The colour pink
* Drawing.  
* The colour pink...

She is determined and very strong willed which is lots of fun for us parents!  She loves to play pretend games, especially dressing up and has a wickedly fun imagination.  She has the best laugh in the world and although she can be quite serious sometimes she really is just looking for an excuse to cause mischief, particularly with her little brother.  

Her aim in life is to become a gymnast and be on the TV like Beth Tweddle...

Eli, 5 years old (born 2011)

Eli loves:-

* Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
* Superheroes
* Being outside
* Causing havoc
* Oreos
* Talking

Eli tends to be a bit quieter than Meg in social situations but once he relaxes he is full of mischief and mayhem.  Talking is his favourite pastime and if you think he would eventually run out of things to say you would be wrong...

Eli absolutely idolises his Daddy and wants nothing more than to go and work with him on his building site when he finally reaches the grand age of 10.

James (the dreaded 3-0)

A big kid at heart, most likely to be found watching David Attenborough documentaries (whilst I snooze on the sofa next to him) - he attracted me with his blue eyes, black hair and penchant for playing the electric guitar, yes I wanted to be that girl.  Is an engineer not a builder, despite what the children will try and tell you.


We inherited Pepper from my Other Half's parents, who rescued her via the Dogs Trust.  She is about the laziest dog you will ever come across but loves the kids to pieces and will happily follow them round all day, although that might be more to do with the fact that they might sneak her a piece of their dinner every now and again!

Please stick around and say hello!


  1. Sound like my two - strong willed older girl and chilled little brother - now 8 and 5 - visiting via Silent Sunday. Enjoy them!

  2. nominated you for an award- http://itsjennythewren.wordpress.com/2013/04/04/the-very-inspiring-blog-award/ x

  3. Gorgeous little family. Nice to meet you Jess :) xx

  4. Patrick Brouwer28 April 2014 at 21:45

    I just found out about your blog and i love it!


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